Safe & Reliable

Portland Area Construction Trucking

InfraStrong LLC is a minority-owned and operated construction trucking company based in Portland, Oregon. Incorporated in 2015, the company currently operates seven axle super solo dump trucks.

We pride ourselves on safe and reliable construction trucking services in the Portland metro region.

MBE, DBE & ESB Certified

For projects requiring minority contract allocation, InfraStrong LLC has minority owned business status.

InfraStrong LLC currently employees 2 full-time drivers, a full-time Operations Manager and several part-time drivers. Combine we have over over 60 years of professional truck driving experience. All of InfraStrong’s drives have a minimum of two years experience hauling asphalt, sand, rock, and gravel.

Jabbar Craigwell

Full-Time Operations Manager and Part-Time Driver

Jabbar is a Yale University graduate with a long career in finance and investment. Looking for a new challenge, Jabbar earned a Class-A CDL and founded InfraStrong LLC. To learn the business he spent time on the road and at construction sites. Today Jabbar focuses on managing the company and fills in behind the wheel as needed.


InfraStrong’s fleet include Freightliner and Mack trucks.